The Allendale Community Park (located at 6676 Lake Michigan Drive, just south of the township hall) is comprised of 40 acres and during the warm months, our community park is bustling with activity. We have outstanding softball and Little League facilities, which attract teams and players from a wide geographic area. The fall and winter months offer a serene space to enjoy the cooler outdoor activities our Michigan weather has to offer. 

Facilities include: six ballfields, premier playground and splash pad, tennis/pickleball courts, basketball court, fitness area, picnic shelters, bandstand, Knowlton House Museum and gardens, and the Veterans Memorial.

Splash Pad: open from 9 am - 7 pm from the week before Memorial Day to the week after Labor Day.


Hometown Heroes: Soldiers and Veterans of Allendale Township

We thank you for your sacrifice, dedication, and service to our nation and our citizens. 

WAR OF 1812
William Bell and Harley Bement Sr.

Enos Parrish

Orrin Arnold, Justus Balcom, William Balcom, Harley Bement Sr., Harley C. Bement Jr., Lafe Bennett, Andrew Bloomer, Aaron Camp, LeMon Chapel, Marcus Chapel, Henry Dykema, James Donahue, Henry Gardiner, James Herriman, Menser Horlings, John Herriman, William Herriman, John Jenkins, Hiram Knowlton, Duncan McKenzie, William Parry, George Reed, Daniel Rittenburg, George Rittenburg, William Rittenburg, Richard Robinson, Joshua Stoddard, Jerry Sullivan, Chauncy Taylor, James M. Taylor, John A. Taylor, Martin V.B. Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Charles Thatcher, William Waldie, Andrew Webster, and Amon Wilson

George Brinks, Cody Wooley, Roy Cowell, Henry DeJonge, Egbert Dyke, Robert Eling, Edward A. Farowe, Albert Gemmen, John Groen, Isaac Hovingh, Harold Hubbel, Morris Hubbel, Dewey Jaarsma, Ben Knoper, Gerrit Knoper, Bernie J. Lemmen, Otto Lenters, Ernest McMillan, William Mulder, William Newman, Earl Parrish, Newton Parrish, Henry Piersma, Orrie Poelstra, David A. Potgeter, David J. Potgeter, Albert Pruis, Geroge Roberts, Henry Roberts, John Roberts, Remard Roberts, James Rosema, Sidney Rosema, Joe Rotman, David Schonwald, James W. Scott, Eber Sheffield, Frank Sheridan, Harm Sietsema, Tony Sietsema, Milo Snyder, Walter Stuver, John Velthouse, Clifford Vickers, Henry G. Walcott, Herman G. Walcott, Jacob G. Walcott, Harry Wallenga, Louis Wallenga, Clayton White, Warren White, and Francis Wolbrink

Jacob Alderink, Donald Alma, Joe Antonides, Alfred Arnoldink, Thresa A. Atkins, Robert Brown, Gladwin J. Bosch, John Bosch, Henry Bouwman, William Bouwman, Gerrit Brouwer, Louis Brower, Peter Brouwer, Bernard Buhrer, Nelson J. Coelingh, Arthur Cooley, James. R. Danenberg, Patrick Danenberg, Fred D. Danenberg, Bernard Danenberg Derwin DeJonge, Lester DeJonge, Maurice DeJonge, Raymond DeJone, Lee DeNeff, Richard DeYoung, Wm. R. DeYoung, Frank Driesenga, Garold Dyke, Harris J. Dyke, Hugh H. Fredericksen, Alfred J. Gemmen, Nelson Gemmen, Percy Gemmen, James Friffith, Charles Hamm, Edwin Heyboer, Howard E. Hinken, Morris W. Hinken, Donald Hoek, Henry A. Hoek, Herman H. Hoek, Goerge Holscher, David Hovingh, Fred Huizinga, John H. Jesser, Peter R. Keyzer, Joe Klant, Ben Kleinjans, James Kleinjans, Henry Kloosterhouse, Henry Knoper, Alfred Kraker, Alvin E. Kraker, Arthur Kraker, Clarence H. Kraker, Donald Kraker, Gerald Kraker, Harold Kraker, John J. Kraker, Raymond Kraker, Arthur Kulikamp, Donald L. Lemmen, Louise G. Lemmen, Lawrence Marcusse, Corneal Mast, C. Wm. McMullin, Clifford H. McMullin, J. Kenneth McMullin, Geo. Harry McMullin, Robert E. McMullin, Wm. Merdith, Roland Miller, Peter Mulder, Merle A. Neuman, Russell V. Neuman, Fred Nibbelink, Harry Nibbelink, Edward Overweg, Lee Overweg, Donald R. Packer, Kenneth Packer, Morris Packer, Donald S. Parker, H. Morse Richards, Eugene Rittenburg, Leslie Robinson, Richard Rosenzwij, Jay Rotman, Joe Rotman, Thomas Rozema, Harold Schmidt, Harold Schultz, Lola L. Scott, Francis Seabert, Donald Sheridan, Darwin E. Smead, Henry Snyder, Rusell Stanton, Leslie Taylor, William D. TenBrink, James VanDyke, Gordan VanHuizen, John VanWyk, Franklin VerLee, Glenn Vissers, Leland Waldie, William Waldie, Peter Wallinga, Clarence Walwood, Mildren Wassenaar, Peter Wassenaar, Frank Wassenaar and Lafayette Waterman.

There were several soldiers from Allendale who fought in these wars, but those records are not complete.


Veterans with bricks in the Allendale Veterans' Memorial: Veterans with bricks