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Building and Zoning

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General Law Ordinances

Animal Control



Cost Recovery

Cross Connection

Disorderly Conduct

Drug Paraphaenila

False Alarm

Fire Prevention Code


Liquor Control

Michigan Vehicle Code

Municipal Civil Infraction

Non-Motorized Pathways

Parks and Recreation

Property Maintenance Code

Rental Housing

Sewer System

Sewer Usage and Administration

Solicitation Regulations

Standard Construction Requirements

Storm Water part 1 Storm Water part 2


Truck Routes

Uniformed Traffic Code

Vendor Licensing

    Vendor License Permit Application

Water System



Zoning Ordinances

Article 1 - Title

Article 2 - Purpose, Scope, and Interpretation

Article 3 - General Provisions

Article 4 - Mapped Districts

Article 5 - Agricultural and Rural District Regulations

Article 6 - Rural Estate District Regulations

Article 7 - R-1 Low Density One-Family Residential District Regulations

Article 8 - R-2 Medium Density One and Two-Family Residential District Regulations

Article 9 - R-3 Low Density Multiple Family Residential District Regulations

Article 10 - R-4 Medium Density Multiple Residential/Office District Regulations

Article 11 - R-5 Mobile Home Park District Regulations

Article 12 - PUD Planned Unit Development Regulations

Article 13 - C-1 Limited Neighborhood Business District Regulations - Deleted

Article 13A - O-Office District Regulations

Article 14 - GC General Commercial District Regulations

Article 15 - C-3 Service Commercial District Regulations

Article 16 - I-1 Light Industrial District Regulations

Article 17 - PID Planned Industrial District Regulations

Article 18 - (reserved for future use)

Article 19 - Flood Plain Regulations

Article 20 - Special Land Use Permits

Article 21 - Parking and Loading Regulations

Article 21A - Landscaping Requirements

Article 22 - Signs and Billboards

Article 23 - Standards for Specific Uses

Article 24 - Site Plan Review

Article 25 - Wireless Communications Towers and Antennas

Article 26 - Nonconforming Uses

Article 27 - Administration and Enforcement

Article 28 - Zoning Board of Appeals

Article 29 - Amendments and District Changes; Procedures

Article 30 - Penalties for Violations

Article 31 - Separability Clause

Article 32 - Definitions

Article 33 - Repeal; Adoption and Effective Date


Ordinances Introduced for First Reading but Not Yet Approved

Non-Motorized Pathway amendment - Article 24 of the Allendale Township Zoning Ordinance

Ordinances Recently Adopted by Township Board

Ordinance 2017-11 Allendale Crossing/O'Reilly Auto Parts PUD Amendment

Ordinance 2017-13 Update to Private Road Ordinance

Ordinance 2018-1 Final PUD Site Plan Review

Ordinance 2018-2 Amendment to the Revised and Amended Sewer Usage and Administration Ordinance

Ordinance 2018-3 Water System

Ordinance 2018-4 Sewer System Rate


Calendar of Township Meetings

Below is a list of upcoming or past meetings for various committees, boards and commissions. By clicking on the date, you may view minutes from that meeting.

All meetings are held at the Township Office located at 6676 Lake Michigan Dr.  Allendale

To view the entire Board packet, go to the bottom right hand corner of the home page.

 2018 Township Board Meeting Dates

 All Meetings begin at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted                                                           

 January 8     Minutes

January 16 (6:30)      Minutes

January 22    Minutes

January 29    Minutes

February 6 (6:30)    Minutes

February 12   Minutes

February 26   Agenda

March 12

March 26

April 9

April 30

May 14

May 29

June 11

June 25

July 9

July 23

August 13

August 27 

September 10 

September 24

October 8

October 22

November 12

November 26

December 10

December 27 (8:00 am)



        2013 Minutes 

        2014 Minutes  

        2015 Minutes

        2016 Minutes

        2017 Minutes         Jan - July      Aug - Dec


2018 Planning Commission Meetings and Minutes

Meetings begin at 7:30 pm and are held at the Township office located at 6676 Lake Michigan Dr. Allendale

January 2* and 15

February 5 & 19

March 5 & 19

April 2 & 16

May 7 & 21

June 4 & 18

July 2 & 16

August 6 & 20

September 4* & 17

October 1 & 15

November 5 & 19

December 3 & 17

Information is available for viewing at the Township Hall regarding items on the Agenda.

*January 2 & September 4 are Tuesdays as the regular Monday meetings fall on holidays.


2015 Planning Commission Minutes

2016 Planning Commission Minutes

2017 Planning Commission Miuntes


2018 Board of Appeals Meetings and Minutes

Meetings begin at 7:30pm and are held at the Township office located at 6676 Lake Michigan Dr., Allendale

January 4 - Zoning Board of Appeals is cancelled for January 5, 2018

February 1 - Zoning Board of Appeals is cancelled for February 1, 2018

March 1

April 5

May 3

June 7

July 5

August 2

September 6

October 4

November 1

December 6


2015 Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

2016 Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

2017 Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes


2014 Construction Board of Review Meetings

Meetings scheduled as needed


2018 Parks and Recreation Committee Meetings

Meetings begin at 7:00 am and are held at the Township office located at 6676 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale

March 8 

June 7    

September  6 

December  6                                                                   


2018 Library Committee Meetings

Meetings begin at 7:00 pm and are held at the Township Library located at 6175 Library Lane, Allendale

February 15    Minutes

March  1

June  21

September  20


2018 Downtown Development Authority Meetings 

Meetings begin at 7:30 am and are held at the Township office located at 6676 Lake Michigan Drive, Allendale

January 23   Minutes

February 20  Agenda

March 20

May 15

July 17

September 18

November 20


2018 Citizens Council of the Downtown Development Authority Meetings

Meetings scheduled as needed.




Allendale Charter Twp Fire Dept

Allendale Charter Township houses Grand Valley State University. We have a population of over 20,000 plus a student population of about 24,000. Allendale Fire Department covers 32 square miles bordered by the Grand River.

Allendale Fire Department consists of 30 members, two of those members being full time employees of the Township, Chief Mike Keefe and Fire Inspector Dave Pelton.  Our call volume for 2015 was  over 1049 calls, the vast majority of those calls being EMS related. The Department continues to grow each year and strives for the professionalism that all fire departments strive for, large or small. 
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Allendale Charter Twp Police Department

Allendale Charter Township contracts with the Ottawa County Sheriff Department for police protection. 
The mission of your Ottawa County Sheriff’s office continues to be that of “preserving public order and supporting the Constitution of the State of Michigan through enforcement of state and local laws.” Their mission is accomplished by providing 24 hour service to Ottawa County communities in the areas of responding to direct request for law enforcement service, criminal investigations traffic enforcement and general assistance to the public.  With this established mission, they continue to place a significant emphasis on the victims and the communities. Their mission is furthered by the ability to office a correctional facility that meets the needs of the criminal justice system in Ottawa County.
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Allendale Township Library

Contact us
Phone: 616-895-4178
fax: 616-895-5178
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           
Library Director: Bethany Nettleton

Location: 6175 Library Lane, Allendale MI 49401

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9am-9pm
Wednesday 1pm-9pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday closed
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Allendale Cemetery

The Allendale Cemetery is located at 12655 60th Avenue, Allendale MI 49401.  It is a quiet, beautiful old cemetery located out in the Allendale countryside. The oldest graves date back to the 1840’s. It is the only cemetery owned and operated by the Township.

For cemetery information, contact Laurie Richards, Township Clerk, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 616-895-6295, ext.


Click here for a layout/map of the cemetery

Click here for birth and death records



Allendale Community Parks

The Allendale Community Park  behind (south) of the Township office, located at 6676 Lake Michigan Drive.  The park is comprised of 40 acres.  During the warm months, the park is a busy place.  We have an outstanding softball and Little League facilities, which attract teams and players from a wide geographic area. 

Facilities include ballfields, premier playground and splash pad, tennis/pickleball courts, basketball court, picnic shelters, Knowlton House Museum and gardens and the Veterans Memorial.


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Senior Living

Allendale Lifelong Learners is a group that is growing and changing, but a friendly & social place for anybody aged 55 or older.  Kathy Hanes is the Allendale Lifelong Learners director.



Here are some web sites that are great reference guides geared toward seniors and those with special needs..
Legal Resources for Seniors
Veterans Benefits for Seniors
Making the Move to Assisted Living
Keeping Seniors Safe with While Remodeling
Disaster Preparedness for Seniors
Advanced Care Planning
Home Accommodations for Seniors
Aging Veteran's Guide to Planning for the Future
Tips for Seniors to Declutter and Organize their Home
Elder Care Resources

Senior Resources - Guide




Water & Sewer Departments

Wastewater Treatment Plant, location: 11624 40th Ave.
Service & Billing Information: 895-6295
Daytime emergencies: 895-5142
Evenings after 5 p.m. & weekends: 616 608-9710


Click Here for the 2016 Water Fact Sheet

Click Here for the 2016 Sewer Fact Sheet

Click Here for a Grand Rapids Water Rate Comparrison

Click Here for the 2015 Water Quality Report
Water and Sewer Departments








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Hours of Operation

The Charter township hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm and the offices are closed during weekends. Find more information about how to contact us and where we are located by clicking here.

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Hours of Operation:
The Township office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am through 5 pm.  Find more information about how to contact us and where we are located by clicking here

Can't Find Something?

If there is any information that you would like to see added to the Township website, please contact Laurie Richards at 895-6295,ext. 6 or you can contact the clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.